Stalls out with clutch pulled

Hello i have a 2008 yamaha 450 i just bought, the bike was completely rebuilt but is having an issue with the clutch.

Engine on, clutch pulled and as soon as i kick ino gear it wants to keep going and or will stall out. I can ride the bike and will shift fine in all gears. Any ideas?

Start with your cable adjustment.  Do you have at least 3mm, but not more than 5mm of free cable travel at the lever?


If the condition persists with the cable correctly adjusted, it's your clutch plates, and maybe some of the hardware.  The clutch should release cleanly enough that you can locate neutral at an idle.  Failure of the clutch to release completely is caused by one or more of the following:


  • Improper adjustment
  • Plates not flat, out of tolerance
  • Unevenly sagged clutch springs
  • Excessive notching of the basket or boss

Unless the notching is fairly serious, the most probable cause is that you need new plates.  Don't cheap out, or you won't like the clutch much better after you rebuild it.  The "clutch plate kit" from Yamaha includes a full set of both plates, new springs, and a gasket.  Considering that OEM Yamaha are among the absolute best clutch plates you can spend money on, the deal is impossible to beat.

Thank you i did adjust the cable and had no luck. I will pull the clutch apart and see what the plates look like. I just bought it and the guy had 3 qaurts of oil in it. Maybe they got hot?

3 quarts of oil wouldn't heat up the clutch, but it would cause the bike to smoke like a steam engine and make a huge oily mess of everything behind the breather tube.

It definitely came out of the case breather tube. Ill try what you said and ill take a look at the clutch plates. I sure appreciate the help.

There will typically be stalling with a 'used ' clutch, and it requires a 'blip' of the throttle to prevent it.

Mine is quite well used (perhaps even brutally), and never does this.

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