Changing Linkage bearings, hammer or press out?

Any ideas?

Always press them out! Hammering can crack the aluminum linkage! :)

If you have to, use a vise and sockets to press them out. But first try to record how far the bearings are recessed inside the swingarm etc. This will save some guesswork when you go to press them back in.

I recently used sockets and big vise. The vise has to be big, it takes quite a bit of force. :)

Thats what I did, see the results on the "yellow" post.


The vice is a poor mans press. Should work fine. :)

i had to use a long bar on my vice

You can also put a threaded shaft through and with varying dimensions of sockets & the force of a nut and thick washer(s), you can press the thing right out without using a vice. Works nicely alongside a vice for pressing the new ones back in too.

I have always pressed bearings /bushings out. Made my own with threaded rod and jamming a thick washer or socket the diameter of the bearing between two nuts and tightening to keep them from moving on the rod, then placing a socket big enough for the bearing to freely fit into on the side the bearing to be pressed out of and then tightening a nut on top of big socket and washer will force the bearing to come out with little effort and no fear of bending or damaging the linkage parts.

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