Memorial weekend @ Drummond Island, Michigan

I saw someones post of a memorial weekend ride. Every memorial weekend about 20 of us head to the UP in Michigan to Drummond Island for some wicked single track ridding, And trail maintance.

If you dont know where Drummond Island is. Cross the bridge into the UP,turn left and dont stop till you hit water. You have to take a ferry to the island. Pack whatever you need cause there isn't much on the island. and what there is is expensive. The upside, You can ride any kind of bike you want pretty much wherever you want. There is like 1 cop on the island and he is probably at the bar most of the time.

The trails are not for the meek. There are lots of rocks, actually thats all there are. The ridding is REALLY technical. You'll be cussing by the end of the weekend. But once you have been there I guarntee you'll be back.

If you want more info let me know.

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