03 yz450f clutch and hot start issues

I'm 43 and last year I bought my first bike. I've ridden bikes before but never owned one. Well my problem started after my first crash on my third ride. It wasn't too bad of a crash, I basically hit some unexpected soft sand and laid it down. I forgot to mention that the bike I bought was basically brand new except it was 12 years old and is completely stock. When I crashed the clutch adjuster on the perch broke. I managed to get back to camp ok and when I got home I ordered a new aftermarket clutch perch and lever with the hot start. At the time money was tight so I purchased a cheap one. After installing the aftermarket clutch perch and lever w/ the hot start I noticed that my cables seem to be to long now. They are routed the same way as before but now when I turn the bars the number plate pops out of the holes leaving my number plate all crooked. When I try to secure the number plate the clutch cable becomes difficult to adjust for free play. I'm worried I might be engaging the clutch slightly causing premature clutch failure. If I back the cable off allowing for more free play so that the clutch doesn't engage while turning the bars the free play is way too much when the bars are straight. My question is is there a manufacture that makes shorter cables? This would solve the binding behind the number plate. I'll be buying some quality levers very soon and new cables but I want to get the right set up.

Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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