I need friends

Hey all. I'm new to the board but i've been checking it out for some time. Everyone on this seems pretty cool and really helpful.

I bought a new '01 426 last year and ride about 2x a month. Here is my deal. I don't have a single friend that rides. Every other weeken i end up going to the desert by myself. I've never ridden on a track so there is a big lack of confidence on my part to just go out an try. I basically live in Los Angeles and i know there are plenty of So. Cal guys on this site. If anyone is interested in riding sometime- please let me know.

I had the same problem when I bought my bike last year, but when all my friends saw how cool it was they picked up some rides of there own.

i live in Los Angeles also... i ride every weekend.. a different track every time.. maybe we can hook up ...my e-mail is loopguy@attbi.com

i am going out to to Edwards air forse base this sun..... good track..sandy and rough...


I ride the high desert almost every weekend. I go to Stoddard Wells, El Mirage, etc...

Let me know and we can hook up!


Welcome to the great world of Thumpers :)

Sounds Like your about to have more friends then you wanted :D

Just some Wisdom here trying to pass on. All my years of riding (35) I have only broken this rule once and when I did I was hurt real bad.

Rule # 1

Never Never Never ride Alone (no exceptions)

Rule # 2

Always adhear to rule # 1 (No Exception)

I broke rule # 1 once and when I did, I crashed real hard out in the middle of nowhere, the Bike and I become one with the universe. It impailed me to the ground, I was on my back feet up and the bike slamed the back of my legs pining me in a Vee shape. The result was 1 broken vertabrea, a 1 surgury to repair.

But thats just me :D

PS once you have friends Can ya tell me whats it like :D

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Check out the DRN board. There are quite a few SoCal riders that get together occasionally for a ride. Interests vary from moto, enduro, trail riding, etc. They've also created a forum called the "SoCal Wrecking Crew". We haven't used this forum much yet - most posts still go to the "Places to ride, organized rides" forum.

link below


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Ya riding in the desert by yourself is dangerous at best. If ya step off at warp speed, a turkey vulture may end up being your clean up crew. This isnt the kind of clean up anybody needs, shy the Sierra Club

Thanks for the responses.

I know that EgoAhole is righ on-I shouldn't break rule # 1 but i do.

Here is my excuse though. My best freind showed me how to ride when i was 10. I'm 24 now. Before i bought my 426 I haden't ridden in 6 years. He was literally the only person that I knew that rode bikes. Unfortuanately my friend has lost complete intrest in a 15 friendship as of 5 months ago. So..I've only been riding solo for a short while.

I do carry spare parts, food, lots-o-water, tools, phone, and a first aid kit, etc. It doesn't make it right but i try to be as prepared as possible.

Hopefully with a forum like this I'll be able to find a few new riding partners.



As soon as my bike is back together, we can hook up with some other TT'ers and get a desert ride going! Whaddya say?

Hello E.R.G. I also need freinds .I have a 2000 426 i want to start doing more riding to but i dont have many freinds lately that have been riding. im still not a very good rider sure would like to ride with some of you experienced riders and get some pointers hopefully i can hook up you some of you for a ride soon. i been out to el mirage and red mountain its been along time since i been to a track but i have been there a couple times ill check back here to see if you guys have planned a ride see ya !!!!!

I should be out at the Elsinore track tomorrow (Wed 4/10) so if anyone needs someone to ride with look for me... CRF with #155 and butt-ugly brown Toyota truck.

I agree 100% with EgoAHole's rules!! I too have learned my lesson of riding alone.

It is true the worst get offs happen when no one else is around. Maybe its due to the fact that the courage is up to go faster and fly higher when no one is around to see you crash. Or maybe you just think your in a ZEN trance and your having your absolute best riding day ever.

I was lucky that someone came back and saw me walking around dazed and confused with a compound fracture. Bad trip, don't want to do it again alone.

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