Plastic Self Tapping Screws

Bit of a general question but it would help to get some input from others, especially those living in the US. I have a stock style rear light and a stock rear fender on my 2007 WR450. I have made up a licence plate bracket using Kydex thermo plastic sheet thanks to someone's useful guidance on this forum. The problem is that I have had to add some nylon spacers and so this combination means that I need an additional 10-15mm of depth and the three stock self tapping screws that hold the rear light on are no longer long enough.


As the plastic towers in the rear fender have already had a thread cut into them by me using the stock self tapping screws I need to get longer versions of the stock screws. The originals are M5 x 15mm and I need M5 x 30. The problem is that in the UK everywhere seems to only supply imperial and not metric self tapping screws. The stock screws seem to have had their points cut off before coating in black.


My question is whether there is such a thing as a self tapping screw specifically for plastic rather than metal or wood?

Also whether in the US you guys use metric or imperial self tapping screws as standard?

Finally it is a long shot but has anybody come across M5 screws in anything longer than 15mm on any parts on any bikes as the dealers here can order parts if I give them a part number.



You can drill through to the top of the fender and use a button head Allen screw and a nut on the bottom. I use that set up on my plated WR's.

I just did a water pump on my wifes VW.


The screws that hold the throttle body to the intake manifold ( there are 4 ) would be just about right ( right diameter thread pitch and about 30mm ),  they are torx head rather than phillips.


Any VW with the 2.0 tsi turbo,  in my case it was a 2012 VW Tiguan.


In reality though I wouldn't worry about a slightly different screw cutting new threads in the plastic bosses molded in to the bottom of the fender,  just don't over tighten them.

I'm really surprised that I can't get these type of screws over here.


Steve - thanks. It is a brand new fender so I just wanted to avoid drilling it and see if it would first work without drilling it through. I am not sure if the extra weight of the plate holder and plate will be okay but I wanted to atleast try it before drilling the fender.


Pinepig - This is the stock self tapping screw that Yamaha supplied for the rear light, do the ones you mention on the VW look roughly like this then?




Yep,  just longer.,  found this pic online.

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