WR426F Starting

I am looking at a 2001 WR426 for $3900 or a 2002 WR426 for $4300. I can probably negotiate a couple hundred off either bike. My question is do these bikes come standard with a hot start or do I need to add one? Are the bikes difficult to start? I have heard the 2002 WR250 are tuff to start at times. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I have officially decided to stay blue and not go to the CRF250X.

WRooster: Suggestions on the starting?

I had a wr 426 before the wr 450.I loved it.I was told it was hard to start but only had trouble a couple of times when i laid it down. They come standard with a hot start knob on the carbi.MY 450 has one on the bars which is easier but no big deal.The only reason i wen't to the 450 was the button and it has been harder to start than the 426 until i spent a lot of time playing with the carbi.The 450 now starts like a treat.My 450 just sheard the flywheel and cost $300 uas to mod to an 04.I liked my 426 more than the 450 as it was reliable.You will soon learn to start one easily. Happy riding dave

go the 2002 they are easier to start

I have an 01 and it's no prob to start at all. If you drop it, simply hold it wide open throttle with the decomp lever pulled in and kick it over about 5 times. ( may need more than 5 rotations if BK mod hasnt been done).This will remove any excess fuel from the combustion chamber. Then simply pull out the hotstart and away she'll go 1st kick :)


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