Fastway Pegs on a pre 07

Anyone have Evolution 3 pegs on a pre-07 WR? I'm looking for lower pegs for my 05, but I'm totally confused as the official website says they DON'T work in the lowboy position. However, I've read every single thread here (both pre and post 07) about these footpegs and people seem to say they work in the lowboy position. To make things even more confusing, some people say you just need to switch the collar and voila: lowboy! Others seem to go through a whole lot of trouble like countersinking a hole, ordering special screws and so on. 


I know about the stock pegs mod, but I don't want to play with pegs in case I sell the bike in the near future (making it even harder to sell given that everyone here is 5'5"). I also like the fact that Fastways can be transferred to new bikes with new collars. Makes me feel better about splurging on footpegs if I tell myself they're a long-term "investment". As far as I know, pivotpegz (another option I was thinking of) can't be transferred to a new bike.  


Anyways, why would lowboy not work on the pre 07 WR? kickstand won't fully "open"? Is that the issue? Looking at the bike, I don't see how it would be an issue. If it's a problem, then why do the vast majority of owners not mention it? I I just contacted Fastway and the chat help guy told me that those countersinking issues are for the 06-09 models, but that he didn't know of any issues for the 05 (the exact opposite of what I believed). The new website doesn't mention it either, but I'm almost certain the old website mentioned lowboy not being possible on the 2005. So now I'm really confused and I'd appreciate information/confirmation from those who own them (or have owned them) on a 03-06. 


Oh, and just as confusing is whether one needs a "lowboy mounting kit"... Chat help on the promottobillet website said the pegs come with everything needed to make them lowboy, but some old threads on various forums say you need a low boy mounting kit... WTF. 

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All Fastway F3 and EVO pegs fit on all year WR's.

You install the collor from the top for low boy, from the bottom for standard.


That's it.


You add washers under the stop bot to get the peg to level.

Some change the bottom peg bracket mount screw to get a different head/peg stop (Cap head allen) instead of washers, becuase some pegs hit that bolt.


Kickstand is not related.

Just put some on my 16' WR450 in the low boy position. I had to die grind a little of the left peg mount so the adjustable Allen head would fit the stop. The F3 peg does mount low boy or regular. You do not need to order an additional mount kit.

If you are unsure where they might hit the stops in the low boy position call Fastway or PMB.

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OK big thanks. I'll order a pair now.

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