worth a change ?

I currently have a '00 WR400 with DR K pipe and jet kit - the bike is awesome and will wheelie off the throttle in 4th gear despite having 15/48 gearing. My mate is very keen to buy this bike from me, so I will be buying a new '01 WR426. What I would like to know is how much different is the performance of these 2 bikes. I have not read a back to back test between the 400 and 426, so would be keen to hear from anyone who has owned both bikes and can comment accordingly.



I have a 99 400 and my buddy has the 426. When we ride, there seems to be no appreciable difference. I think in a drag race he'd pull me at the top of 5th, however, they seem pretty comparable. Clearly not a large margin IMHO. Still, new is new... You can't loose selling your mate your faithful WR and buying a new one.

Unless you can break even or within $600.00, save your cash, IMHO.

You can send your suspension off for a re-valve/re-spring and it will be better than a 426. You are giving up nothing

Andy, Great question. I've had both bikes, the biggest difference IMO is the suspension. The 01 is much nicer than the older models. I've had my 98 forks worked on and they don't compare with the stock suspension on the 01. It's common that people are interested in speed and brute power, the 01 is faster all around with more power everywhere. Is it worth it? Like I said, great question. It was worth it for me and I have no regrets yet. See ya


Thanks for the comments chaps !


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