Wisconsin - Illinois?

I was wondering if anybody out there could recommand any trail riding located in Wi,Il.? Just bought a bike(ttr125l) for the lady and she doesn't want to ride on mx tracks. So if there is any body in the vacinity and have web links or trails to help out please do so-

I don't know give anything possible really-

Thanks :)

There is a public riding area in Southern Wi. Called Bong state recreation area. I go ther all the time when it's dry. Great place for the wife, no jumps and all flat. It has about 9 miles of loops. Depending where you live I have a friend with 10 acres of land and a motocross track. He also has an indoor track in his barn. The town is Woodstock, Il.

Thanks WRFun, I apprecitate it-

The wife loves the TTR125L, she is just starting out in the sport (better late then never). She is 5'2" pushing 115 lbs. suits her perfect. Thank god Yamaha makes an "L" edition. I wouldn't say it has crazy bottom end like a YZ80-85 but yet has plenty of muscle for her as she improves down the road. She gets jealous when I ride with her because she wants it to sound like a 426 :) but i'm going to get her a pipe someday and we will see how much that does so she can feel cool too. I personaly enjoy putting around the backyard with it on boring days. I weigh almost twice as much as her and it still pops wheelies.

I definitly give it two thumbs up especially for the price- 02' $2400 out the door with a HJC helmet and 6mo. warranty from Neilsons in lake villa...(but I had bought two bikes in one day) Thanks again for the web links you had some I couldn't find!!

Hey Joe-

I am familiar with Bong Rec., it's fun but usually full of mud pits. I'm there alot also when I ride with the lady it's great place for that because she is just starting out. Was that a typo in your email, you said a friend has a motocross track in a barn?? LOL

That sounds strange but also very cool!! I live in Grayslake Il. but I can't say I've ever been to Woodstock.

Have you ever been trail riding in Cheeseland?

Are you guys out on the 10 acres quite often?

Thanks for the info, maybe we can rage it up sometime on those 10 acres-


Any room for old slow guys.... :) Keep me in mind if anyone plans to get together.

Pete :D

Where in the hell is Crete? I'm guessing it's far south. Yes it's true my buddy has a small pratice track in his barn. It is only good for TTR's and my wife's XR200 is ok as well. He just got the rest of the 10 acres and is building a bigger track on the new property. The existing track is kinda brutal for guys who dont have a lot of riding experience.

As far as Wisconsin- my wife and I have been to Black River falls. I heard they shut some of it down, but I'm not sure. We have also been to Ottow

E-mail me at joeswr400@ameritech.net if you want to try the track in Woodstock.

If you are looking for a place for the wife, there is a place called Dyracuse Park. It is run by the town of Rome, WI (several hours from the riding location). Look it up on the net. I have been there, 8 miles of easy trails, along with a small "super cross" style track for the boys. There is also a MX track, but very soft sand. It is worth the ride up. Some of the guys from Northern Il should hook up and ride sometime. I am in Crystal Lake.

Hope this helps


Thanks for all the responces-

It's nice to see some Thumpers in the Tri state area not just far east and west. Let me know if any of you hear of a cool riding event or just to head out as a pack, never have but sounds fun to ride with new riders.

Everyone I know is too slow and boring, not that i'm the best but my friends are mostly just starting out. Nothing sounds better then a pack of 4-strokes.


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