Ah Ruts!!

I'm looking for tips on riding in ruts-

I was riding a week ago and had her third gear in a rut when the bike started to lean to the left. (we all know you can't really stear in a rut) so I shifted my weight to the front to hopefully gain traction and it worked. But all too well because the bike kicked up straight and I was wacked in the ribs with out a chest protector on. Yeah it hurt pretty bad and it's my fault for not haveing the propper gear on. I heard a snap so I went to the doctor (not Dubach) and the X-rays showed two broken ribs and a minor case of a carteo contusion (aka brusing of the heart and retaining fluid. Back to the point of this question, any thing I should do throttlewise, body position, etc.??

:) Thanks

this takes some practice but it seems to work well.. (i saw Doug Dubach doing this)

as you enter the rut, slightly keep a finger on your front brake lever with a little pressure on the lever.. let the front end steer itself, with about 1/8 to 1/4 throttle..... took me awhile to learn to keep the front brake on while in a corner, but it keeps the front wheel from climbing out of the rut...

Thanks for the info 426guy-

My little mishap happened in a straight rut though. Do you think I should still try your technic? I ride in whats basically wet lands and everybody is on the throttle at this point and ruts have formed. So I'm not in a corner but a straight section of the track.

What do you say in that case-


I say you have to look at the end of the rut your in. Don't look right in front of you or your gonna go all over the place. Move your sight picture further down the track. You should also be in the attack position, standing up, knees bent, balls of your feet on the pegs(don't want to lose any toes). If you do this your balls won't wind up on the pegs. Also, if you can avoid it, don't declerate. Nice steady throttle at first. Once you get comfy, increase your speed.


02 YZ426

99 YZ400

I have t agre with pk. Look ahead. Dont stare directly in front of your bike. I learned this riding at red bud. Pick a rut and forget about it. Look ahead for the next obsticle.

Learning to read the terrain is part of the fun and will come with experiance, First dont worry, You will get the grove, into how when and why sooner or later. Talk to guys/gals that have been around (Woods, Desert and just plain Experiance Mountain riders) ask questions no one will blast you ( Weel maybe Me Ask Around)... :)

I 100% aggree with looking ahead of the bike 50 - 100 feet, reason is your bike is already where it is and you cant help that. Also look for the smoothest section / transitions and keep that front tire pointed just like you point your finger at the point you want to be at in 100 feet or less. Practice makes perfect, do some low speed rut riding try differant posistions on the bike, learn to feel the bike and what it is doing under you "DONT FIGHT IT". and always remember this if you get into something you may not want to be in, GAS, Acceleration always is the best way to pick a bike up straight it is physics. Again this is all practice and experiance.

One last point follow a more advanced rider for awhile and watch his lines or better yet go watch a trials and see what they do to get in and out of ruts.. Also a trials is totally awsome to see up close

Good Luck :D

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