Hot Cams Exhaust--Is this timed right?

I installed the cam and just wondered if it is correct. Bike is hard to start when cold. cam-1.jpgcam-2.jpg

I havent personally installed a hotcams, but looking at the lobes, it looks right. If you want to be sure, put a degree wheel and dial indicator on it. I think the hotcams runs on 105deg lobe centre, but that info should have been supplied with the camshaft. I measured my stock cams and they come in at 110deg on the inlet and 101 on the exhaust (YZ timed).

If you have never degreed camshafts before, send me a PM and I'll give you instructions. Pretty easy to do, and the best way to be 100% sure it's right.


It looks like the cam chain is worn and you are about a half tooth away from being good. And since it's retarded like that the decompression timing is critical, I'd say it would easily be possible for it to start hard.


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