weak spark

I recently bought a 95 xr600. It had been sitting in a garage for at least a year. I was told it needed rings.I did get it running befor tearing it down. It did smoke and backfired.The backfiring was worse when it warmed up.After changing the rings the bike was much easier to start but still cut out and backfired.But it will idle on choke.I rechecked timing it was ok,I adjusted valves,they did need adjusting.Then I started looking at tha rest of the ignition.I do have a repair manual on it.After checking the componets it seems it is the cdi box.Does anybody have any suggestions.


PS the spark is a reddish blue and I did have the coil tested at a bike shop.


While the coil may be good, the high tension cable (Spark plug cable) may be defective. You could get a cable off of another bike and try a swap.

You may have already done this when you looked at the rest of the ignition; all cables that feed into the ignition coil should be checked for corrosion (ground cable and ignition coil primary wire). Check for poor connections back to the Ignition Control Module as well.

I know you have an XR600. Just to give you a little more to go on, the Honda XR650R manual recommends a peak voltage adaptor for a digitial multimeter (Honda Part number 07HGJ-0020100). This is used to determine if 100 V minimum is being generated at the ignition coil primary wire.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the advise, I'll check the wires maybe I'm not getting a good ground.

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