New horse in the barn...

I picked my new 02 YZF426 on Wednesday. I had been on the fence for quite a while about getting a replacement for my trusty 99 YZF400 steed. I decided to go with another YZF because my other one was so damn reliable. A cracked gas tank and a blown fork seal were the only mechanical's I ever had on it in over 2 years. I did one top end job last winter and found that the motor was still within specs. I have heard rumblings about the Honda's having first year bugs and it is too small for me. I'm 6'3" with size 13 feet so the short seat height and footpeg to gear shifter spacing were both too small. I know the YZF is pretty much bullet proof and handles great so I can handle the extra 10-15 lbs. I haven't ridden it yet and I already got the Pro Tapers, Applied top clamp, Hebo hydraulic clutch, TM Design chain buffer, Hurricane plastic kit, taller seat foam and just did the blue wire mod. Luckily all the parts I just swapped over from my 99. Sweet... Can't wait for Sunday. BBRRRAAAAHHHHPPPP! ! ! !


Anyone wanna buy a sweet 99 YZF400??? :)

check your pm :)

Congrats on the new bike PK, I just did the same thing last Thursday.

Sweet, love the power but the wish the suspension would hurry up and break in...

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