1998 yz400f value

What is one of these bikes worth? Guy wants to trade for my quad. My asking price for my quad is $1800 (please don't be bias because it is a quad.) 2003 LTZ 400 I've never had an issue with it mechanically. New lower ball joints, rear tires are pretty much new, everything works, will need front tires and the seat cover is starting to rip. Full rossier pipe.

Guy says the yz has 4.5 hours run time since rebuild, new plastics, graphics, crank, resurfaced heads, stuff like that. We are in Alberta, people are really hurting for cash right now so stuff is selling for really cheap. IMG_1476201028.640406.jpgIMG_1476201038.855290.jpgIMG_1476201048.704729.jpgIMG_1476201059.238497.jpgIMG_1476201074.404749.jpgIMG_1476201085.721305.jpg

Id put the bike in the 1200-1500 area and about the same for your 4 wheeler, so if you want a bike id say you have a fairly even trade, give or take a few hundred bucks

We traded, the bike is in really good shape! Needs a few minor things here and there but not too bad. After owning it for a day the water pump was leaking out of the weep hole. I contacted the PO and the guy said since he advertised it as a mint bike he agreed to pay for the parts to fix it.

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