Starting in gear... WR's vs MX bikes

This is a question that's always puzzled me.  My 07 WR450F and my old 01 WR250F would start easily in gear, all the time.  I'm talking first kick in 1st with the clutch pulled in.  I never had to find neutral to get my bikes started.


Riding my friend's bikes (03 yz450f, 07 yz450f, 2 2010 yz450f's & a 2013 crf450r), they all won't start unless you find neutral, which is time consuming and a pain in the butt, especially when you're stuck in a precarious position on a hill.


Anyone know why this is?


I had two ideas, but honestly have no idea -

1. My WR's have had the JD jet kit, while theirs had stock jetting or stock FI maps.

2. The other idea was WR's have a different transmission ratios vs yz's and crf-r's

1. 450 MX bike clutches get abused, from day one. So, the steel plates warp a bit, and the clutch drags

2. All the newer bikes have more race type clutches that drag more even when brand new

3. You have to adjust the cable only when HOT so as not to get overtighteing. Most riders adjust it cold, then the clutch slips ever so slightly, overheating the steels, which then warp slightly

4. No way to know exactly why without taking the clutch apart and inspecting and mesuring the plates and basket gaps

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