Need some quality opinions please

Hey guys I just got an 06 yz450f was out riding in sand and bike started stalling in neutral then stalled while driving and motor locked up later Tht night I found motor unseized on its own took it to the shop they didn't even open the motor they found Tht my air filter wasn't on properly and was old and allowed sand to pass through they instantly quoted me 1800 to fix they wanna replace everything so my question is am I setting myself up for failure if I find a place to just fix whts broke when it's tore apart instead of replacing everything I kno it's smarter to replace everything while it's tore apart I just simply can't afford 1800 and I don't feel qualified enough to do on my own just looking for others opinions it would b very appreciated

It's going to need a minimum of the following:

Piston kit.

New or re-coated barrel

Valves ? Maybe but worth cleaning them up and lapping in (if they can be done )

Lot of labour.

Price those bits up and see where that leaves you .

Call Travis at Thumper Racing. I did a big bore, valves, cam, clutch, water pump full rebuild top/bottom for a little less than that a few years ago.

Either pay the money or your time, it's your choice.

Expect other things to come up while doing a rebuild. Broken powervalves in my yz 125....$220 used...

I believe that Weisco crank is Chinese. I would use a factory stock crank.

I believe I would not use a free Wiseco crank on someone else's bike.

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