frame guards for 2011 yz450f...what are my options?

so I finally got my 2011 yz450f out to the track this past weekend. it was super muddy/slick out and when I got home I washed the bike off and noticed how bad the frame got chewed up. I have alpinestars tech 10 boots. I have a polished frame(bought the bike that way) and the frame shows a good amount of wear from 1 day of riding. so I was looking into frame guards. I see the light speed guards, and I found another option for around the same price ($100). I like the acerbis guards but I only see them for the '14 plus 450f's. does anyone know of any other company that makes decent priced frame guards for the 10-13' bikes. I don't mind spending the money on the light speed guards but i feel they'll get all scratched up and look bad after the first ride aswell? I know function is the key here, but when spending $110 on carbon frame guards you would hope they would hold up to some abuse aswell. I also never remeber having this bad of an issue until I switched to the tech 10's so that might be a major player aswell. any input is appreciated.....

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