I'm new to the thumper talk forum and wanted to see if any bike owners have bought bikes from www.motocycle-brokers.com in CANADA? i was looking at the site and they are $1000 less then local dealers. i contacted them about shipping and warrenty and it doesn't come with any warrenty. is that something i should watch out for? i was thinking that most dirt bike have such a bad warrenty that wouldn't be something to worrie about. well let me know if you have any suggestions. also i'm looking for a price of about $5300 on a 2004 wr450 if anyone knows of a dealer in us. thanks k.o.d :):D :D

Honda East, Maumee, Ohio sells 2004 WR450s for $5852 out the door, if you don't live in Ohio. I didn't want to go through the hassle of buying a bike in Canada to save a few hundred bucks. This is the third bike I have purchased from Honda East. It was a good experience every time. The parts department can have the YZ throttle stop screw, and GYT-R exhaust insert ready when you pick up your bike. The bike is jetted lean from the factory. I have ordered the James Dean jet kit. :)

I would have to agree, I also bought my 04' wr450 from honda east. Ed Internet sales manager Ph#(419)891-1230 great guy! I got mine for $5800 out the door including shipping to Ca.

I had a terrible time with Ed at HondaEast. I put a deposit down over the phone on my credit card on a 2003 WR450F last year after emailing Ed numerous times about the price, etc.

After I gave him the deposit, he emails back and says essentially "woops, I quotes you the price on the WR250, you need to pay several hundred more". I replied we have a deal at the quoted price. He made no concession and really ticked me off! Not the way to do business!

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