out of canada.

has anyone bought from them? if so what do you think about not having a warrenty? do i need one on a dirt bikes? :):D

the only problem is registration. Some guys have had trouble.

on there web site they mention the reg of the bike. they say it's as easy as just going to the local dmv.

Know a guy who bought a KX250, no problems and a killer deal. I inquired about a WR450 and the price was only $100 less the in the states, so I passed. Soemthing else to consider if you buy out of Canada is no factory support money for racing at all from the manufacturer. As for licesning, I heard its no trouble at all.

I live in Marysville, WA an hour from the Canadian Boarder. a year ago I put $500 down an an 03 WR450. When it arrived, I got the call, went up there, gave them $5,000 and headed for the boarder. Just tell them you bought the bike and you will have to go in and answer a few questions and sign some paperwork. No Prob! Off I went to pay my $480 in tax and picked up my License Plate and Title. I even picked up a plate for my daughters XR70 I had purchased the year before and had not done anything with the paperwork until then. My WR450 is the most versitle Dual sport Off Road/Motocrosser money can buy for Sure. The Jetting is WAY better than the American version by far and you don't have to deal with the throttle stop in the carb or anything. The pipe is different than the US WR. I put a YZ 450 pipe with a Pro Moto Billet End Cap on it anyway and it is so much better, plus you can put the quiet end cap on it when you DualSport it. I just picked up a set of YZ 450 Wheels with a 19inch rear wheel for Moto and the switch back & forth will be so much easier. I think it is worth it to get one, I spoke with that Broker over the phone and he will even meet you in Blaine and only charge like $65 to $80 bucks. I would go for it if you do not want to hassle with setting it up yourself but if you e-mail me I will tell give you the man to Call at a Dealer that will hook you up the right way for sure. There has been 6 bikes purchased from him from people I know and it went smooth every time.Plus your chances are real good at getting a Plate, That is a big Deal! My e-mail address is :)

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