Starter relay clicking



I have a fully charged battery, but the starter is not spinning. The relay is clicking but nothing is happening. If i use a volt-meter from the + on the starter to the - on the battery i see 12,x volts when pressing the starter.


Can this be the battery or is the starter gone? I also tried to jumpwire directly from + on the battery to the pole on the starter. Still no action.


Sounds like the starter. But you should have 13+ volts.

It is commonly a corroded ground terminal in the harness

If it was a corroded ground, would i meassure volts between the +pole on the starter and the -pole on the battery when i push the starter button?

I tried to jumpwire the relay. Still no action...

Did the motor stop at TDC?    They do that sometimes and the starter won't move it.   Try putting it in gear,  rocking the bike just bit to get it off TDC and then hitting the starter.

Take a jumper wire right from the + battery terminal straight to the + terminal on the starter. That bypasses everything in the circuit and if there is no change its the starter. (Didn't watch video other user posted so you may have already got this info) I just had to do mine recently and all of my symptoms were similar to yours.

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