Caliper failure!!!!

I was out for a quick saturday gallop on my 00' 650R and the son-of-a-b1tch caliper locked up on me!! needless to say it was quite the yard sale :) does anyone know a good place to order a rebuild kit for it, or is it easier to just buy a new one?

G`Day All

Had a similar problem with the rear brake locking but found more than one problem

1:The piston in the rear master cylinder is dicast as was jaming on ,which meant constant pressure at the caliper put new piston kit in (part no.43520-mj6-305)

2:The rear caliper was still locking on so I put kit in (part no.06431-ma3-403)check piston for score marks replace if there is.

3:The rear disc check that it`s not warped or has some but brake pad stuck to it clean off with some 1200 wet and dry then install new pads.

Mine got that hot it melted the plastic disc guard,another trick is to loosen top 12mm hose nut on the rear master cylinder then retigten just to let off the pressure that should be enough to get you home.

Best of luck let us know how you get on.

Steve B.

burned hooked me up with a near new caliper for very cheap. Send him a PM :)


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