Colorado get together?

I've noticed a spike in members from CO, especially the Denver area. Anyone interested in setting up Rampart or Woodland ride for a June get together? I figure if we plan out far enough, we would get a greater turn out. Imagine the aggrevation of those coming the opposite direction when 15 WRs come down the trail. I sure would like to meet some of you. For added incentive, I'll put you TV. I have a helmet cam and finally got it working.

How about Michigan? Anyone on this site from Michigan?


Sure would, woodland park sounds great,it would be a 5 hour drive but would be worth it.I am out of town 16th-23,but any other time would be awesome... Jim

Doug just say when and where and ill be there. You know my Number and email.

Almost forgot, yes lets go to this woodland place, Rampart gets way to busy.

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Originally posted by Freezer:

I need to finally learn how to ride the blue beast. Count me in for beginner/intermediate/patient advanced rides.


Ill be right next to you on those. Im learning on a big blue beast. Not one of my best decisions in life, but my funnest. Muahahah.



Sign me up. I've been on TT for two years, but have been laying low due to heavy work load and #2 being born last year-during the Moab trip :). (Request: make sure we schedule next Moab trip >9 months in advance! :D)

I need to finally learn how to ride the blue beast. Count me in for beginner/intermediate/patient advanced rides.


I'll be in Denver CO (30 miles south of Denver) in July while my wife jumps her horse. I asked her, can't she stay in TX and jump over her horse here. She thought it was a stupid joke. Anyway. I decide to throw my bike in her horse trailer and fly out there for a week and ride. I don't know much about were to ride except Rampart, thanks to all the talk about it here. If anyone wants to ride or be my tour guide, I will buy all the beer afterwards.

Rich in Dallas



01 WR426 WR timing, uncorked.

Hey Dougie,

Can you make that 15 WRs and 1 KX? :)

What? You think that just because I sold the WR I wouldn't continue to spend half my work day reading TT?

If I could only find a forum like this for the KX....

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