fork oil level

is it possible that 130mm in the fork will be only 620-640 cc ? i changed the fork oil today by only opening the upper side and drained the oil and left the fork up side down for half an hour and then filled it about 100mm pressed it for about 20 times (20cm up n down) and waited for 15 min. till all the air bubbles went out,than sprayed the extra oil out with a sprayer till i got 130mm. is it ok? or 310-320cc for each leg sounds odd?

im a bit worried so please ansewr me quick , u guys that did it only from the upper side of the fork and did 130mm , how much oil did u use for both legs?


This is a good article expaining Oil, Oil Hieght and all. It is pretty well done, hope it helps

Do you look at the second shot of me Fuel Filter

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thanks egoahole, and yes it looks xelent , ill get one 4 my bike this week

Hey gal ,

Don`t worry that sounds about right, when you empty from the top you can`t empty the damper tube. I would guess you`re comparing measurements with when the leg has been split which empties the damper tube. We topped up to 150mm and only used 250cc.If your still not happy take it for a ride and check again, as long as it has some oil in it will be O.K. the oil only works on the last 4"of fork travel.

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