"Special Construction" for Dual Sporting

I read on the Joe Racer web site about dual sporting after the Kalifornia cut off of January 31, 2004. The DMV has a provision for getting street plates for "Special Construction". These would include vehicles that are not constructed for resale, among other things, from parts, a kit, etc..

Does anyone out there have any experience with this? I would hate to invest time and $$$ and find out its not that easy. It says that the conversion must be completed before submission for approval.

The DMV site states that a Volkswagen, for example, that is modified but still recognizable as a Volkswagen is not a special construction. Is a BRP with some lights hung on it considered a special construction?

Anyone with experience in this?


P.S.: Someone posted similar concerns on the Dual Sport page with skeptical responses. I posted here before I thought to check there. More exposure couldn't hurt :).

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