How far can you get on a tank of gas?

I just bought a 2001 YZ426 and need to know approximatly how far I can get on a tank. I generally ride along hard tracks at moderate to fast speeds.

Does anybody from West Australia know if a YZ426 can make it from Lancilin to Cervanties via the Pinnacles?



I have raced my 98 400f in a few hairscrambles with the stock tank. I have noticed that somewhere around 35-40 miles is the absolute best to expect. Also, you have to take in to consideration the temp outside and how hard you are on the throttle and terrain etc... I would assume that the 426 would burn more fuel because of displacement. I also have an 01' 250f and because of its smaller bore I have noticed it burns quite a bit less fuel than my 400, but I have not tested it to the limit of the tank yet.

my 426 will burn 3 gallons at a 50 mile cross country 4 stroke expert class...i know friends who race amat class and can go the distance on a stock tank..

When I was in High School, I got pretty far with Kim Love on a Full Tank of Gas :)

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My 00 yz426 went 42 miles on 1 full stock tank of gas and a little to spare. My riding partner has the new cannondale 440 with the tachometer to track mileage and average speed. We did tight technical trail riding with a couple wide open miles of fire access roads here and there. lots of ups/downs, ins/outs if ya know what I mean. mainly second/third gear hard and 4th 5th on fire roads.

So Cal Drunks!

hi dude i hope this helps last weekend i did a ride and the course was about 80kilometers long and me and my mate were worried about making it but we both got round and the track was a nice flowing ride with some nice steep up hills and tight tracks ,we were pushing each other pretty hard and when i got back i prob had a inch off fuel in the tank so i would say about 80-90 kays on the standard tank would be about all dude

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