2001 YZ426F Ticking Noise

There is a ticking noise coming from YZ426 and my buddies swear up and down that it is not right because their same year 250F doesent make the noise and that my valves are out of spec, which the bike runs fine except for a carb issue that I think I have diagnosed and will flip the fuel plate around tomorrow to see if that fixes it. I am pretty sure it's supposed to make that sound and have even heard people say it, I took a video of it but I cannot figure out how to load it on here. Can anyone shed light?

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Shim under bucket valves do not change sound when they get out of spec....and nearly always they get tighter, not looser, as the valve sinks into the valve seat.


Those motors are normally very noisy anyway... and the cam chains get sticky links pretty easily, making noise against the chain tensioner plastic guide.


If you bike starts easily cold, your valves are probably in spec.

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