2004 yz450f question

I'm new here so I'm not sure if this is exactly the right place for this but I just got a 2004 yz450f and I'm wondering if I can replace the ugly front fender with a 2016 model fender and what I may need to do to make it fit and I also have a question about what I should use for oil I'm thinking 10-40w but I'm not sure as I have no owner manual any help is appreciated thanks

You can put on a newer fender, but you will have to make new fender holes and possible uses some spacers/washers to get it level. 

I've done it.


Use any Jasco MA rated oil 10-40w, 20-40w


Get an owners or service manual from Yamaha's website

15w-40if you live in a cold place use 10w-40 cause the cold will thicken the oil if you use to high oil in cold it will be to thick! Ad you will float the valves! If hot place use 15w-40! Refer to Manuel for your bike! Just look up on the internet 2004 yz450f Manuel and it should come up on a PDF!

Look in Common Threads (page two).  There are links to the manuals there.

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