Wr450 carb on a 426

Got everything all swapped out and rode it a couple days. Love it, insane amount of power. Did all the JD Jet kit, Tokyo mods spring after a thorough cleaning. Before I kept the throttle screw in the stock 426 carb, were as this 450 carb is wide open throttle. Grunts like a pissed off mule climbing and no problem shifting through the gears. One bad problem though, drinks gas quickly.


 What can you do?


But if you want a easier way of starting and quite a bit more power on your Wr400 & 426, just swap the carb out to a 450 carb. One kick starts and quicker acceleration without bogging on hill climbs. Be willing to spend $400 on everything needed to update for a better riding experience.


Catch you on the trails.

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