YZ426F Carb Questions (Need Help FAST!)

Just took carb off bike and found something interesting, one is, is the slide in the right way, 2nd is what is that little whole in the bottom of the bowl, looks unnatural, and is there a jet supposed to go in the big whole above the center jets?????14800833_1512386945455060_1989135287_n.jpg14793680_1512386935455061_1563822970_n.jpg14793681_1512386878788400_1393283940_n.jpg14741691_1512386855455069_881976118_n.jpg

Slide looks right. Not sure what hole you're asking about on the bowl. Yes, there should be a fuel mix screw in that hole 2 up from the needle

1) The slide is in upside down


2) The odd little hole in the bottom is normal.  It doesn't go anywhere.


3) Yes, the pilot jet belongs there.


Okay, so I flipped the fuel slide to where it makes an M and cleaned all the jets even through they were clean and it still runs like a turd, I guess its the pilot fuel screw that's missing is my problem

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