blue wire mod

Does this mod work on the WR or YZ???


This is an updated/new link. I have redone my site, so please update your bookmarks! Now I just need to remove the banners, I will do it tomorrow! Thanks,


[ April 07, 2002: Message edited by: motoman393 ]

I have only heard positive results from this mod. Any flaws or unwanted results that you know of?

cool, I,ve seen everyones posts on wire mods but always thought it was for the WR. I guess I should find my wire snips and get to work.

My bike runs perfect '00 starts fist kick. Sould I still cut this wire?


Please go to motomans site and look up the mod and how to do it . It does not reqire doing anything that cant be put back the way it was when you started. Put them dang scissors and knives away.


[ April 09, 2002: Message edited by: yamie_rider ]

Just kidding, I know better than that.

Whats motomans web address

Click on the link at the bottom of his post, it will take you right to it.


Thanx motoman your the best. :)

Hey nice site motoman, That BK mod deal looks pretty trick.

ouch...mangled blue wire. :)

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