fuel filter

Okay guys, I never thought of a fuel filter, but that is why I read the post. No dealer close to me so if I go to a local store ( lawn mower, autzone etc..) what do I want to ask for??????

Thanks alot.

I've always assumed that every 426 owner installed a fuel filter right away. Good thread, though. The one I installed as soon as I got my bike home is the 'Visi-view'(sp?). It's one of those rather small funnel shaped filter that has a clear outer plastic casing with what appears to be a bronze sponge type of filter material inside. It works very well at keeping the carb clean. Also, I installed a Pingel high-flow petcock to offset any flow restriction that might be caused by this filter. In my opinion, I think that you are right on target in thinking about keeping your fuel and carb internals clean. The pilot circuit has the smallest orifices that tend to clog quickly. By installing a good quality fuel filter, you reduce this risk.

I agree with with Boit. I installed the same type of filter between the tank and carb before I even put a tank of gas in mine. I've never upgraded the pet-cock though and have never had a problem with fuel starvation. This is a very simple part to add that may save some aggrevation later on.

Thanks for the words of wisdom, can I find this type of filter at an auto parts stoe, and what about the upgrade on the petcock valve?

Gal posted this yesterday I snap shoted the Yizzer of mine and the fuel filter setup





Just ask for an inline filter, make sure it is steel mesh though the fiber breaks apart.

Also the type I installed is one of many designs there is a triangle shape that is very snug (I think Boit has the one I refer to).

Make sure that all ends (4 Ends) are clamped :)

You should be able to pick this filter up most any Auto store or something like it "Again Nor Fiber Steel Mesh)

If the Filter is installed correctly I.E. not above the petcock but below (Yes I have seen that)

gravity will do the rest, as far as flow goes rull of thumb is not to put inline a filter with the ID (Inner Diamater) smaller then the ID of your current Gas Line. Two reasons Flow of course and sngger fit to the filter

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