Acerbis DFiamond Pic

Just fitted an Acerbis Diamond headlight to my WR.

I reckon it looks pretty cool, definately better than the stocker. Only mod required was to rotete the brake hose guide bracket 180 deg so that it brings the hose closer to the forks so it doesnt rub on the headlight. I just need to space the top mounts out from the forks with some rubber so that it directs the light onto the ground a bit more. Here is the pic : Wr with Acerbis Diamond Headlight


hamish: looks good! still waiting for mine to arrive...


I'm curious about the weight difference. Is it lighter than the stock unit with the glass lens?

can you run the diamond light on a wr400 1998 without a battery?

I cant see why 426 has no battery and it works fine. It is considerably lighter than stock, by how much I'm not sure.


works off the solenoid just like your exisitng bulb. check out the "diamond chromy" version....damn!


how much light does that thing put out? How well does it work for dusk and night riding?

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