Acerbis Diamond Pic

Just fitted an Acerbis Diamond headlight to my WR.

I reckon it looks pretty cool, definately better than the stocker. Only mod required was to rotete the brake hose guide bracket 180 deg so that it brings the hose closer to the forks so it doesnt rub on the headlight. I just need to space the top mounts out from the forks with some rubber so that it directs the light onto the ground a bit more. Here is the pic : Wr with Acerbis Diamond Headlight


Nicely done...been looking at this fixture for a spot on my bike. how is the night ride? Do you get good lumination? :)

Very nice....... :)

Are you selling the stock light?

Cool man. Looks futuristic. Who makes those small turn indicators?

not sure about the blinkers, they were on the bike when I got it. Night illumination is good, but I need to space the top to direct the beam onto the ground more. Maybe the bike sits slightly 'bullfrog' with my 220lbs on the seat.Due to the fact that there are 3 20watt bulbs, the blinkers have no chance of working at idle. No plans to sell the stock headlight as I want to keep it when I sell the bike. Anyways, the frieght from australia could be a killer.


That is the same type of head light we used during the 24 hour ice race this year. It worked fairly good better then the stock one but when someone pulled in behind you with an hid you couldnt even tell yours was still on. But I do definetly like the looks of them.

that goes without saying...hallogen and HID shouldnt even be used in the same sentence!


that front end looks like a quad! >> NOT AN INSULT .

Some of those quads look totally bad A$$ from the front!

yeah..kinda looks like an offspring from a YZ and an R1

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