fork nick

just noticed a small nick from a rock in one of my fork tubes that is causing a small amount of oil to leak past the fork seals. Is there a good way to fix the fork tube? if so please help...

If you have an oilstone or a fine diamond sharpeing stone, then just carefully rub it until it has smoothed out... failing that, 1600 or 2000 grit wet & dry paper and a flat steel "rubbing block" to keep you flat and smooth...use a little oil to help to cut it away...

You might want to finish off with a felt pad on a dremel to polish it, but not really necessary if you limit your grinding to a minimum...



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i nicked one of my tubes last year on a 250..i took my forks apart and carried the tube to a machine shop..he put it on a lathe and polished it..cost me 20 bucks..well worth it, compared to sending it off and having it replated


it is better to go with an oil stone rather than the lath idea as in the lath u r polishing the hole way round the tube and takeing the crome but with an oil stone u can just polish the nick instead off the hole bit off the tube ,but iff the nick is real bad i know u can get your tubes recromed but im not sure how much or where in the states can do it

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