You know you're nuts (dedicated) when...

You wake up Sunday morning and decide you want to strip your bike and paint your frame another color to match the plastic you're going to get. :)

Are you putting on the Hurricane(yellow) graphic kit??

Yes, I will be putting on the Hurricane kit. I might paint the frame all black or some other color. Maybe yellow or is that too much yellow?

I took pictures as the bike got more naked and will take more pictures as the bike goes back together. Bike porn. :)

Go with the yellow frame and just try to match it as best as you can with the plastic. That will look great!! I want the hurricane kit too but I do not feel like striping the bike down at the begining of spring just to paint the frame. I'll save that for February. Good luck. Send some pics.

Just talked to Embee and they quoted me the $150 for the powder coating of my frame.

What do you guys think of a dark grey instead of black to go with my yellow hurricane graphics/plastic? I am still wondering about yellow. It sounds like it would be cool, but I am not sure.

What have I gotten myself into!!?? :)

There's a picture of the Hurricane Hannah graphics on a YZ in an ad in the latest issue of MXA. The frame in the picture is either black or dark grey. Looks very good. You can see just a hint of the blue tank peeking through. I can't remember but I think it was a two-smoke YZ not a YZF.

you cant really tell but the frame on my 99 is black and I really like it! I wish I would have had the time and $$$mula to pwdr coat. I wanted (or at least thought aobut yella) but black is much easier to keep clean and touch up.(rattle rattle).........IM000189.jpg:)

I think either yellow or black would look good but the yellow has GOT to be harder to upkeep!

$.02 :D

I guess it's my age (42) but, the black frame is awesome, just like the Yamahammers "back in the day" :)


Hey thumpsalad you might want to check out having it powder coated. I talked to a guy at Embee Coating/plating 714-546-6907. They have done few of them and know where to mask and not to, and that stuff can be color matched too. If ya go with yellow, paint the engine black, that would be bitchen. Be like Broc Glovers Factory TT500. Anyway they do the powder coating for 150 bucks. Talk to Bruce. Thats the place that ceramic coated my pipe.

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