Okay guys, lets try it this way. Got to ride my 02-426 good for the first time today. I have not ridden in about 18 years (rm400). I rode terrible in the sand front was side to side, yeah I was slow, so what do I need to do to improve. Just nail it and lift the front tire through the sand?

un-weight the front end by sliding back in the seat or lean back a bit if your standing.

Welcome back to riding


Thanks for the advice, the bike still looks good, so I don't want to dump it just yet, okay in reality, it takes me longer to get up.

The stock tires aren't the best for sand, especially the front. Changing to a soft terrain tire would probably help a lot too, at least with the turns.

Are you using a paddle tire? If not, it will help keep the front tire from digging in so much. There is also a front sand tire available that will help carve turns better.

I've had the same problem in sand. Well, actually sand that has become extremely dry and powdery. The main problem is in sand that is so powdery that burns don't form but more so 1 to 2" tracks all through it. The front skates and digs in really bad. I've checked with others came to the conclusion it may have something to do with the weight of the bike. However, on the same track with some water and the sand has moisture, look out because the bike is awesome.

If you are trying to make a decision about the bike I would recommend riding the bike on another surface starting with.

My 2 cents

FYI. Just came to mind, here is a picture I had taken at a track when the sand had moisture.

But if the same track goes without being prepped and gets dried. I almost need training wheels. :)

thumpers are hard to ride in the sand regardless. Ya just gotta stay on the gas pretty much. Problem is, when ya back out of the throttle, the compression of the engine actually forces the front wheel into the ground. If the ground isnt hard enough, the front wheel will plow like crazy. I know of which I speak. Ive been riding a CR500 in Glamis dunes for 10+ years. It was an education when I took the thumper out. Spent a lot of time getting up. What I found was to simply pull in the clutch when backin off the gas for a turn, basically letting the motor freewheel like a two stroke.

Are you riding in dunes or just sandy riding areas? I ride in the really dry desert and was really frustrated with the way my front washed out in sandy corners. I've since bought a Dunlop 756 tire and although it still pushes, it's far more predictable which gives me the confidence that I'll still be on two wheels when I exit the corner.

It also really helps to slide up on the seat and put some weight on the front tire during corners. I'd ridden in sandy stuff so long that I got used to staying back so the back tire would have some bite, but that kills your cornering ability.

Be paitent,if you havent been riding in 18 years,it might take you a few times riding your new bike to get into the groove.Did you have a 78 or 79 RM400?

Man you rode the rm400 what year, the first year that ball buster was released hurt alot of people.

It was natorious for swapping ends in a straight, the thing had gobs of HP but handled like a sherman tank.

As far as riding sand, I stay away from it, if I wanted to destory my bike I would bring to the nearest sand blaster and let em rip at it. Pismo Beach Noway Hoser. Sand is the bikes worst enima :)

But as noted above keep the gas on, front wheel skipping the sand, ass back on the seat while standing up. But dont take my advice I hate the sand and avoid it at all cost

I know this sounds bad but I do not remember if the rm400 was a 78 or 79, but I do know the yz sits a whole lot taller. But it has been alot of fun trying to learn to ride again. I am real sore and stiff after a good ride. Wife says I am to old, who cares.

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