I need a lighting coil

I am confused. I have a 01 yz 426 and I need a lighting coil but none of the books say that you need a wr flywheel. I have searched some old posts and most say I need it, but it seems electrex made at least 2 different coils. any way if anybody has what I need for sale let me know. thanks :):D

I dont have what you need but I know what you need.

You have like 3 opions.

1. E_line maked a lighting coil. Big money and big wattage output

2. Electrex makes a 45 watt coil that mounts to your stock stator backer plate and uses the stock flywheel. If you only need to get enduro legal then maybe that is the route to go. It is like $220.

3. The wr stator and flywheel from Electrex is like $300. Puts out 130 watts. IT is a bolt on afair and works great. And you get the heavier wr flywheel to boot. This is what I have. I love it.

Check E-bay. Sometimes you can find one there.

Thanks yz man, cleared that up. I think I will go with the wr set up, I dont like the power delivery on bottom end and was looking at a fly wheel weight anyway. anybody has a WR setup for sale send me a pm. thanks. :):D

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