Pete Z and Mike68

Hey you fellow Canadians, I'm looking for guys too ride with occassionaly, if your interested drop me a line. 905-536-3141

I'm just south of Hamilton in Binbrook.

Dave, Mike68 lives in NH I think and now Pete Z is way too loud. :)

I live in NH but am becoming more and more interested in planning a trip up to Canada for a long weekend sometime.. My next trip is back to PA. How far do you live from Manchester NH? I am about 4 hours to the Canadian border.

Mike, I live about an hour from the border in Niagara Falls, pretty far eh, and about Pete's noisy bike, it may work for me because he'd be so far ahead of me I would at least know where to look. :)

Thats quite a trip. How technical are your trails? Are you riding mostly fire roads or is it nice and tight? You must have some pretty good climbs.

Dave,I would love to get out for a ride with some fellow T-Talkers.It would be nice to just put a face to some of the names that I see on the B.B.We should plan a ride for sometime in the future,unfortunately I am currently up to my eyeballs in work at the new house and it is severely limiting my riding time. :(I live near Orillia,but I don't mind driving a few hours to get to some good riding if need be.Believe it or not I used to work in Binbrook,so I know where you are.This is a good idea,I wonder if there are any other locals interested?

Mike,you're always welcome to come up and partake in some Canadian riding and entertainment.Mixed terrain,sandy trails to the south of me and mostly mud and rock to the north.No monster climbs that I'm aware of.Some hilly terrain,but no mountains in this part of the country. There's bigger hills in upstate New York.You should think about a winter weekend up here.For something a little different we could do a couple of 150-200 mile day trips on the sleds.I think you would be impressed with the snowmobile trail systems up here and most of the machines are fairly quiet. :)

Pete Z

How far are you from Ganaraska. It seems to be all the talk about how great it is. For me it's about 2 1/2 hours, but would probably be worth the drive if it's so great. Sometime in the future will be great to ride together. Being my first year I need lots of practice yet. Maybe I could buy a can of "fearless motocross man" pills somewhere to speed up the process! :)


To be truthful, I've only ridden on trails for a couple hours, all on one 8 acre site. Some good dropoffs, but fairly easy. I spend most of my time riding a motocross track (easy one!) because there is a kids track for my 9 year old son to ride on and practice. This is his first year also and has just graduated to a 2001 mini thumper Yamaha TTR 90. Awesome little bike, I can wheelie it further than my WR, it's a lot closer to the ground you know!

I live near Stratford, ONT. I do most of my trail riding around St.Williams. Nice place to ride, but a lot of quads on the weekends ripping up the trails. There is some really nice tight single track though. I havent been to the Ganny, hopefully this summer I'll get there. Have you been doing the Kawi Trail Rides? My club organized the Beagle Bash at the end of April.

Hey Dave- don't worry too much about your riding abilities.IMO I don't ride all that well.I don't have enough time to spend riding to get very fast.Some of the guys I ride with are slower than me and some are faster,it really doesn't matter to any of us.The main thing is that when you go riding,you are having fun.BTW- stay off your kid's bike 'cause you're just gunna break it! :)

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