Whip itz

Not sure what it is called but I call it a whip it. When you get air born and kick out the tail end but not a table top. I have a YZ426 and hear that it takes an act of congress to bring back the tail whip. However the bikes weight is fine with me, as in moveing freely in the air. Anybody have some helpful hints on busting this trick better then I do now which isn't too good. My jumping skill is right there to learn how, so help me out, eh?


Is it a wind up before jump type thing-

Leaning a certain way-

Nail the gas at top of jump while leaning-

I don't know you guys tell me if possible...

I ask strange questions that are probably impossible to answer via email but why not give it a chance :)

No dirty tricks because i will be attempting these tips on the parctice track !!

And thanks

You'll probably get some responses but I'll post this anyway. Awhile back someone else had asked about doing a whip and someone replied with a website that had an article on whipping which really broke it down nicely. Try doing a search on this website for "jumping" or "whip".

Anyone else remember or have that website address?


go see




just remember that the most important thing about a whip is landing front wheel first. if you aren't straightened out and you land rear wheel first you're gonna see stars. chad reed's link above shows exactly this -- he's at full steering lock just prior to landing but the front wheel hits first and that is the trick. do as he says and does.

the wrooster

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