Fender graphics?

Does anyone know of anyone that makes coustom fender graphics? I know Decal Works has them, but I wanted to check out some other makers to do some price comparisons.



I own a sign shop and have a side of the business; MotoGraphix that I do custom decals (front/rear fender graphics, chest protectors ID kits, Pre-printed # kits, Jersey ID, etc...) to help found my racing. Not trying to make a living on this side, so my prices are very affordable and turn around is quick. Email me at motographix@mindspring.com with your requirements and I will get you a price. Quality is excellent and customer service will blow DecalWorks away....like that would be hard.




I am enterested in full Graphics mine are wearing thin. Can I jump on this too :)

MGR8 you have mail. Do you have a web page by any chance?

I have a really crappy page on a buddies personal web page... don't hold it against me. Have a domain reserved just don't have the knowledge/time to develop it! Don't pay attention to the pricing page...it is outdated and I work with my customers.....maybe that is why they keep coming back??

anyway... http://www.hometownmotocross.com/sponsors/motographix.html

Hope this helps


MGR 8,

Man you got some really trick looking numbers and lettering for Chest Protectors. Nice ot see something new, are you capable of creating Radiator Shroud Graphics at this time. I am looking for someone to print up a few sets for me and you could be the man.



At this time I am not doing shroud kits, investment versus return isn't there right now, but I have done large custom decals that work with shroud kits from One, Factory Effex, etc.... that look great. I will get some pictures of my bike and post them. Give me your email and I will send you some examples.

Anyone interested in Chest protector ID kits, I will do them for TT members for $26.50 plus shipping with graphics installed...includes HRP (Skorbordz plate...custom fit for your chest protector) Turn around time is about a week due to the fact that I don't stock the skorbordz plates...I order as needed.

I know everyone is gun shy right now, but how I do all orders is get a credit card number right before I ship out your order. I will not be taking checks...to much trouble...

If interested emial me at motographic@mindspring.com




Once again, follow TT'ers to the rescue. I just wanted to thank Brian for the fender graphics and decals that he made for me. They came out great! I was very surprised at the turn around time, the cost and the extras made me happy as well. That's the way to get repeat customers, by keeping them happy. I will take some pictures and try to post them in the next few days. You guys should get a kick out of my silly race team (if you want to call us that) graphics.

Brian, Are you using the thick 3M and then laminating yourslf? Your graphics look great by the way. My family owns Rapid Tac Inc. ( Not sure if you replied for the free samples I posted earlier) and I work with the sign industry on a daily basis, though I'm still learning everyday. Anyway, I've tried making "kits" for the 426 with a Roland PC60, and the inks just get abused and rub off over time. It was kind of a pain to print out the grapgic then lay clear over it to protect it. End result is that we gave up and went back to One Industries for graphics. If you've solved this I'm REALLY interested! Have a great one.



I am very familiar with your products....Rapid Tac/Rapid Remove. Excellent products! Shoot me an email with your phone number and we can talk....motographix@mindspring.com. I think I might be able to help you out.

dhowell..thanks for the props, can't wait to see the pictures. lol



MRG 8:

I sent you an e-mail, but you never send me a reply. :) is that the way that you do bussines?


Please resend...if it came thru I missed it. My email address is: motographix@mindspind.com. Apologize if the mistake was on my side.



Sent!! :)

----- Transcript of session follows -----

550 5.1.2 motographix@mindspind.com... Host unknown (Name server: mindspind.com: host not found)


Sent you an email also MGR8. Just to let you know.


I still haven't received your emails... I have received several today so I know the service is working.

Guys, I posted the wrong email address earlier,

The correct addressis


To anyone that tried motographic@mindspring.com, please try again. What a bone head thing to do misspelling my own email address!

Thanks for all the request so far.



Sent one more time..!! :)

Man, a grahpics guy that got the letters wrong. That like walking into the tatoo parlor and asking to have Heather tatooed on your back and coming out with HECTOR! LOL

Just kidding. I like to see people in business for themelves makin it.

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