Another Fun Thread "I Hope"

Since the Bench Racing thread was so great, I thought would start one that deals with the 10 truths of Dirt bikes:::::: :D

I will collect all entries and post them together at the end of,, lets say 12 noon Friday April 12. Only one entry per responce and one responce per member.

You can edit that responce any time until Friday 12 12 noon PDT (Pacific Daylight Time) for you all East Of CA :D

Must be clean :D , Must be brief :D , The funnier the better :)

So here goes

My Entry is

Thou Shalt Gas it When in Doubt

Also We will need to name this so entries for that will be given


The 10 Shifts of Dirt Bikes


The 10 Undeniable Truths of Dirt Bikes

And so on...

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Keep your front end UP!!

"I BOUGHT A BIKE FOR MY WIFE, AND IT WAS A GOOD TRADE!" it is the truth, soon as I got a new bike I lost my wife!! LOL I love the bike alot more than I did the wife!! LOL Frank :D:)


Thats in for sure thanks

Thou shalt not gaze upon an area thou wishes not to tread upon.

Dude! If Mike Metzker can do it..I can do'll show ya!


Isnt he the freestyle nut case

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My dad, two weeks before he cases a double and breaks three ribs, punctures his lung, and requires a helicopter ride to Hershey Med Center

"Thats one you want to clear or you'll be in the hospital!"

And me, 85 minutes before I shear my sprocket clean off my hub and have a $500 wheel rebuild....

"I 'aught to check my sprocket bolts....nah, I just checked 'em last week, they were plenty tight."

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Thou shalt not twist the throttle before it's time (in reference to twisting it when it's not running, man I hate it when people do that!)

"Hospital Run... I'm driving!!"

Thou shalt not chop the throttle on thy face of thy jump without dire consequences......... :)


just for giggles & grins.

" No matter how steep the hill, you can always get to the bottom"


First of all I have to appoligize because I came up with "3" and I could not decide which one I should use!

<font color=blue><h3><center><font color=red>1.Hell NO.....That wasn't a CRASH! .....I "just" tipped over!</center></h3><center><h2><font color=red><font color=blue>2.Ouch ! That looked like it hurt.<font color=blue>HOW'S THE BIKE?</h2></center><center><h1><font color=pink><font color=lime>3.THIS ONE TIME.....AT MOTOCROSS CAMP....!!!</h1></center>

<center> :):D:D </center>

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This was said to me by my little brother who was the first to Jump our new Double double.

"Just Pretend its flat and give it the gas!!"

so i did that and landed on the rear wheel, over jumped it by like 15 feet, Landed with one foot on the Ground( Severly sprainged foot not broken thank god). went face first into the bars when the front wheel hit. All that happend to the bike a tore grip

10. Reasons that a bike is better than a wife.

1. Your bike wont get mad at you if you go ride another bike.

2. You dont have to do any forplay before riding your bike.

3. Your bike wont get pissed if you fall asleap after riding it.

4. Your bike never has "that time of the month"

5. All your bike needs to be happy is an oil change and a clean air filter.

6. You dont have to wait till your bike is "in the mood" until you go ridding.


Ok I could only think of 7 but you get the idea.


7.You can ALWAYS trade in your "old" bike for a new model w/o extensive paperwork and lawyers.

8.You CAN have multiple bikes(legally)......not multiple wives!(WARNING:This rule does not necesary apply to those of us IN or AROUND Utah!!)


9.You can get away with NOT LUBING your bike once in a while!!!! :D

10.If your "REAR END" on your bike starts to sag too much you just tighten up the preload!!!!


It's not the speed that kills's the sudden stop!

Scared mom so bad she peed her pants :)

why replace it when you could duct tape it :)

Said while pulling the tank off a project bike.

Rich: "Thats a funny looking tank mount spacer"

Kev(me): "Thats because its a chain roller"

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