Another Fun Thread "I Hope"

the one i always live by


its works for me LOL

Dress for the crash, not for the ride.


The most famous words before the big crash "WATCH THIS"

Ahh dont worry about it, its a fourstroke, it doesnt use hardly any gas at all.

my buddy and his xr350 45 miles from camp,60 from a highway, and 100 from a gas station.

For the former 2 strokers in all of us.

"If you have a extra brand new plug in your pack you can get away with running 20:1 oil mix, rich jetting, and dumping your bike over in a 3 foot stream, and the plug will not foul.

Ride without an extra plug and the darn thing will foul 25 miles from the trucks at the bottom of the steepest hill with an hour 45 miutes of sunlight left. It's a law of motorcycle nature."

Man, thank god I ride a thumper now.

Famous last words of the leader on a recent trail ride.

"Trust me, I know these trails like I know my own back yard"

10 minutes later:

"Really guys, the trucks are just over that ridge."

2 hours later, no gas, no water, no food, no trucks in sight:

"Do you think the bears are still in hibernation around here?"

"why can't we all just get along"

that's us and them

( tree huggers,eco freaks,people who think dirt bikers are all gang members,gov.people,cops,land wners,lawyers, etc etc) :D:)

"Yeah,I smoked pot...AND I liked it"

-Mayor Bloomberg of New York City :D:):D:D

"I thought I had it!"

"I swear I did it last week!"

"Thou shall not ask, 'Dude, can you kick this thing a couple of times for me?'"

EARTH FIRST - we'll ride the other planets later

You know, that's going to feel a whole lot better after it stops hurting.

'Practice makes perfect, but stupidity will be painful'

Dude, you almost made it :)

I fell off a ladder.


Injured rider: "Doc, it hurts when I do this"(moving injured limb)

Doc: "Then don't do that"

i got another one....\

dad to the doctor....

"When can I get back on the motorcycle?"

Doctor to dad ....

"I don't recommend you EVER get back on it!"

I heard the same thing....oh well :)

OK, one more lap and then I'm quittin'................Ok just one more lap..........really now this is the last lap............I'm about to run out of gas I gotta quit.......This is it, last on and so on until I either run out of gas, get hurt or bike breaks.

Ok I broke my own rule of one , but Hey I started it :)

Thou Shalt Not Covet thy neighbors Bike, Thou Shalt Go and Buy a Bigger Better Faster One :D

Keep em coming I will post Friday the Entire List

These are great

[ April 10, 2002: Message edited by: EgoAhole ]

"If you didn't crash today, you weren't trying hard enough"

Rock out with ya cock out

It's not the fall that hurts, it's the sudden stop when you hit the ground.

Yamaha has installed black boxes to record any problems before, during, and after flight.

Most conversations just before take off were....

"Hold my beer and watch this!!"


"Why drive when you can fly"

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