Another Fun Thread "I Hope"

Hey Couly,

Does the 'I fell off a ladder' have anything to do with the D.I. post :)

Hope no ins agents are thumper riders!!


sorry, I don't have one to contribute that hasn't been posted already...except maybe

"it's tough to steer with one wheel in the air"

this was wrote by david r cauthen i thought you may like it. please feel free to add to the list

top ten ways to tell if you are a true mx racer

10. the smell of race gas & premix is more stimulating than you wife or girlfriends perfume have race gas and prmix in your weed eater just so you can smell it

8. if you have a nickname like "hunney butt", but can still go fast around a mx track

7.when you leave a grocery store, you insist on driving the buggy so that you can practice preloading and wheeling over the speed bumps in the parking lot.

6. you always complain to convenience store managers that dont have mx magazines on their racks, even though you subscribe to all of them anyway.

5. your bathroom is a shrine to every major mx mag available (except MXA)

4. you like to hear people ask, "oh howd you do that?"

3. your car is still covered in salt and slag from the snow and ice storms but your bikes are spotless

2. you have a cracked visors on all of your helmets

1. when you see a perfectly manicured rolling golf course, you become dizzy and so overcome with emotion, you have to have time alone and a place to lie down.


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<font color=red><h3>FORGIVE ME BUT ........I found this VERY funny and it was email just moments ago from a freind in her signature!!LOL</h3>

:) I've learned.... That life is like a roll of toilet paper. The closer it gets to the end, the faster it goes!!!!!!!



for those of us that are either married or have teenage girls!!!!

:D How long a minute is depends on what side of the bathroom door you're on.


Last Chance Qualifier, Gates Close at Noon

PDT (Thats Pacific Daylight Time) For those East Of Nevada. :)

I will post the final entries @ 12:01 PST

Winners will get to pick frm the following Trophies

1: All Expance Paid One Way ticket to Alviso Calif

2: A Night out on the town with Riki Lake

3: 10% off any hospital of your choice "or Nearst"


4: The Chance to pick a new screen name for Ego :D

Ok maybe not a screen name ya all call me diff names any way :D

[ April 12, 2002: Message edited by: EgoAhole ]

"oh you f*%&ing B£$ted" good to use after a major big bone breaking crash.

“Original tires, 300 miles on the rear and 100 miles on the front”.

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