Need help

I am new to four strokes and just looked at a 1998wr400 it just seemed like a dog. Ive rode cr 250 and the yamha didnt seem any where close to power. It is all stock the carb, airbox and exhaust hasnt been touched. Mileage is around 1500 and he wants $2500 for it. With the free power upgrades is it a worthy bike

if you can do it all >>

exhaust - removing insert is the MAJOR IMPROVEMENT but NOISY!!,

carb - throttle stop, jetting, Taffy/KL mod to accelerator pump,

airbox cover,

YZF exhaust cam timing,

there is ZERO comaparison between stock and modified.

I too came off a CR250 Honda, and was almost sick w/ the STOCK performance.

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