Won't idle in gear. Please Help!

Went to the race this weekend and when I got there my 400 started fine and idled fine. Fine, but when I took off and slowed to turn or stop, it stalled. I'm 90% sure it is a fuel problem. I have never had it do this before. It ran great the day before. Any more info you need? Thanks in advance for the help.

Are you sure its not the clutch dragging. Put it in first and kick it over. If lots of resistance and bike starts to pull by 2nd kick, it might be the clutch. There was a thread some time ago about a washer under the clutch actuator.


My bet is a warped steel in the clutch. Carbs dont just go bad. It may be dirty, but I doubt it would get dirty and go south over night. Id check the clutch

Well it is not a clutch or decomp problem. It is even stalling just as I start to take off in first, unless I have it revved to the heavens. In which case I have even heard a backfire. Does this help? Thanks again for the help, and keep it coming.

bump. Sorry guys, I'm desperate.

Thanks but I don't think it's the clutch. It starts fine in first gear. Anything else?

you mentioned that you were turning. My best advise if you know your cluth is in good operating condition is to check the routing of your cables. It may be possible that when you turn your hanlebars your de-compression cable is being pulled. When I first read your post I thought cluth problem, but if your sure there is no problem there examine your cable. :)

Will it idle now? How does it run when you first start it? Aside from mechanical issues, I would look first at the pilot circuit of the carb. If a small piece of debris gets sucked into the pilot jet or pilot air jet, the idle goes south. You would normally experience loud popping(backfiring) from the exhaust during decel if this is the case.

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When all else fails, check the valves. If they're too tight and one or more hangs open then it will kill your idle and bottom end. It's strange that it would run so good one day and bad the next, but if you've run out of stuff to check then this is worth looking into. Hope this helps..

Thanks alot guys. This gives me some new things to look at. But actually I just rode it up the street and it did great. Hopefully it was just something in a jet that got blown out.

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