OT: Finished building my Yellow YZ.

Just finished building my Yellow 01 YZ. Take a look. Clarke tank, Powerbomb, Enzo racing suspension with subs. Dr.D fiber airbox. Many other items. Looks good now, but I will thrash it in no time flat.


It's gorgeous! I never thought I'd like anything but blue or maybe white. That's real sweet lookin'

wow! that is awesome. great job!!! :)

sjwr450 - Man that is one awesome looking bike!!! I have the yellow kit and I wish I could get mine back to looking like that.

A quick off topic question - Im putting together a front number plate to replicate RC's #4 plate. I noticed you have the AMA logo stickers on your front number plate and side panels. Where did you get them? I need some of those to help replicate the look since RC runs them on his bike.


Bob Hannah retro...SWEET!


Great job. I still think Yamaha should have kept the color. One of these days we shopuld have a "readers choice" for best looking bikes on Thumpertalk.

Yours would be high on my list!

I love the yellow Yz's. Reminds me of my younger days....

Nice job :D:)

I love the yellow Yz's. Reminds me of my younger days....

Nice job :D:)

Yeah, me too. The last yellow YZ I had was in '84...Damn, that was

20-years ago!

Yeah I remeber my yellow & black 1981 YZ250 with a light switch for a throttle! :D :D :D Great bike. Always looks great when clean and shiny new. :D Thanks for the memories. :)


Thank you sir!!! :):D

One more question, I just went to their website to see about purchasing some of those AMA stickers and it looks like they are built into the background. Is that correct, or are they seperate stickers to put on the background?

:) Wow! The yellow looks amazing with all the black carbon fiber... Are your wheels painted black or powder coated? How about some new carburator hoses? :D

Wheels are black Excel's. Hoses would look good.

Very nice :)

Beauitful bike!

Question, how do you like the CR style front brake routing. Been thinking hard about doing it to bike.

Did not notice much of a change other then cleaner running of the cable.


Did you powdercoat the frame black?


Wow congratulations!

That is super sweet. Pays homage to my favourite rider of all time, Bob Hannah. I wonder how that beautiful bike would compare to one of his old factory bikes.

Keep that baby under lock and key. Awesome.

first of all the look of your bike is awsome. A friend of mine has a 98 wr426 and was wanting to switch to yellow with the old school graphics. Where can he find the tank and shroud graphics? :)

One industries sell the majority of the kit.

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