'04 starter upgrade

Can anyone tell me exactly why this new torque limiter solves the woodruff key issue. I just installed the limiter and noticed thatit has extra cogs on it. Im guessing this has something to do with it. Im also guessing that it must allow it to turn backwards in some way but how? Any explanations would be great. Is there any possibitly of the woodruff key happenig with this new upgrade? Cant wait to ride. Hopefully this weekend wiil be the fist time I can ride. Take care, guys . D :):D :D

Woodruff key can always break. As far as it breaking related to the 03 starter design it should not when you upgrade to the 04 torque limiter gear. Reliability should be excellent once you upgrade! The only other off road musts that I know on this Yamaha is to protect the radiator and add bark busters. The radiator is wider than other dirt bikes and even the YZ. It is very vulnerable to hits in the woods. Reliability doesnt mean a thing if your radiator is leaking! :)

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