gave my 2000 wr400 another face lift!

Some of you guys out there will go.... "OH NO... NOT AGAIN!!"

truth is, I just cant get tired of my wr400! Gave her new one industries graphics, new plastics and used sds big gun system in addition to my 2003 facelift......

here are some pics taken a day before my ride today.....


and a piture taken a week ago with motard rims on them



I like it. Wish my scooter looked that good. I wouldnt mind having a number plate on the front of my 03WR. I removed the light and odo. but still need the number plate. It looks silly with no light in it. I bet if I fabricate a bracket or two I can make a YZ fit. Tim

I simply get a yz top clamp off ebay for less then usd$15 bucks....



YZ Plastic fits with minimal modification, mine took less than a half hour and one aluminum screen bracket. I decided to keep the odometer. Pictures%2FCycle3%2D19%2D04%20002.jpg:)

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