Springs, Eibach vs Race Tech vs MX Tech?

Is there any difference in quality and fit between Eibach, Race Tech and MX Tech springs for the XR650R?

At one time I heard Race Tech fork springs came in even spring rates, .46, .48, etc but were not an exact fit, requiring preload spacers. Now I see Race Tech fork springs in odd spring rates, .47, etc with overall lengths listed the same as the Eibach springs. Anyone using .47 Race Tech springs? Were they an exact fit?

I've never seen any comments about the Race Tech shock spring. How is the quality and fit on the BRP?

Up until recently I never heard of MX Tech springs, apparently they are made by the same company that makes springs for Race Tech.



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I was told Eibach makes race techs springs.

Eibach makes springs for Race Tech and other companies as well. This does not mean they are in fact the exact same spring as Eibach will produce springs to a customer's spec. The Race Tech Springs for the XR650R 'used' to shorter in length and require preload spacers where as the Eibach springs have always been full length.

There are some springs out there that are stock springs that are cut down to be stiffer and use spacers to make up the pre-load. I do not care for these. I have used them but, prefer full length springs such as Eibach and the ones that Lindemann Engineering sells. (408)371-6151 I have recieved Eibach springs that used spacers for the XR400 and the Lindemann were full length. I think it is a good idea to ask if they use spacers or not. I have done alot of suspensions and it changes all the time on what you get and the speed of reciaving your springs. Lindemann has been the most truthful with racetech being a close second. Racetech has alot of the springs back ordered but, if you ask they tell you if they have them or not. XR's Only just lies to you to try to get your buisness. They suck! They have good stuff and somethings that you can't find anywhere else but, will tell you what ever you need to hear to sell you something. I have done some of the XR650R suspensions on this group and tried almost all the different springs and oil. I have this to say for the USP 2.5~5wt RaceTech suspension oil @ $22 a quart(I am running this in my bike now) it is the most expensive oil I have run yet. It feels great on the compression but, is so, slick that you have to go real stiff on the rebound shims to make up for it. If you know this ahead of time it is great stuff. The best stuff to use for the money and the long run is 3wt Maxima shock oil. This is $8 a quart and realy does a great job. Not as slick as the RaceTech so, you are not using as many shims to make up for it. I realy like the way this 'feels' and the flow is so, plush. For the forks I think the Golden Spectro Very Light $12 a quart(2.5wt) cartrige fork fluid is best. I am running the ultra light suspension fluid (not cartridge fluid) that Golden Spectro sells but, I find that I have to run an extra shim to make up for it and it is not that much plusher for the money $14. I know I got way off of just the spring question but, thought someone might use it.

I have .47 racetech springs in my forks along with gold valves in the forks and shock. I havnt gotten to test it out yet though. Damn weather :)

i have used both Eibach and various Racetech springs on my pig--none needed spacers. Only difference was the peening finish as far as i could tell.....43's, and 45's.

Check the archives for more info on this--qadson wrote a good poste about this 6 months or so ago....

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this thread is almost exactly ten years old, so I figured I'd try and get it started again since I'm sure the companies have made many changes in every department since this post was made. some dumb**** cut the fork springs in my 95 KX250 from the standard 18 1/2" down to 15 1/4" in an attempt to lower the seat height which to their credit WORKED, but at the cost of the first three inches of travel which I've found makes all the difference in all riding conditions. So obviously, I'm looking into new springs. The Eibachs on ebay are like $30-$40 cheaper than the Racetechs, so obviously my cheap a** is leaning towards the Eibachs lol....are they the same quality/fit as the Racetechs? Racetech still made by Eibach, or is it the other way around, orrrrrr what's the deal?


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For a KX or XR ? I have some new for springs I ordered for my xr6 & have not installed them yet, so dont know for sure if they are full length yet. they are Eibach .50

95 KX250

95 KX250

Did you know you were in a honda section of the forums? There should be a Kawi section,& I'm NOT trying to blow you off or anything, just letting you know, because there might be better answers from same bike ownership.

:facepalm:  didn't even think to look. thanks bork lol

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